22 Cringe Pics and Fails For Secondhand Embarrassment

Just a word of advice: Don't be like these freaky folks. That's because they have committed some big-time fails, to a level worthy of serious cringe. These are the kinds of things that make you look away and wince. 

For example, plenty of these questionable guys have given us textbook examples of what not to do when messaging a girl. "Don't be creepy" seems like an oversimplification of things, but following up a first line with something overtly forward is akin to asking a job interviewer if you can headline the company's year-end project after answering "How are you today?" It's also never a good idea to send an unsolicited photo - you know the kind - nor is it recommended to send six messages in a row telling the girl what she should think. Seriously, and then these guys have the audacity to wonder why nobody wants to date them. 

Outside of dating, other cringe pics include mothers and their strange baby cribs, a special source for perfume, and Kyle Jenner's "natural" look. If any of those sound interesting, or infuriating, check out these 22 cringe pics and fails that will give you secondhand embarrassment. 

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