24 Dog Memes That Won't Eat Your Couch

Dogs are one of life's true sources of joy, but they can be hard. For some of the happiness and none of the drawbacks, try these dog memes

Picture this: It's Thanksgiving weekend, and you're hosting your parents, your crazy uncle, some cousins, and your in-laws. It's going to be a lot, but you're ready. The turkey is in the oven, and you've just gotten back from the lovely little donut shop around the corner with a bag full of their special maple glazed donut. 16 dollars a piece for one of these things! Expensive, but totally worth it for a lovely occasion. 

Soon the in-laws have arrived, and the turkey is out of the oven. But right as you're bringing it to the table, you see the mailman walking up to your front door. "No," you think, but it's too late; Mr. Snuggles sees him too and comes bolting towards the door. He hits your legs, and the turkey goes flying right into your crazy uncle's lap. Oh well, at least you have the donuts for later... wait, somebody ate those too. That's why there's a brown mark on the living room carpet. 

Dogs are hard, but we love them. If you need a quick break from yours, why not try out these pooch memes instead? They won't bark at the mailman. 

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