24 Examples of Blue-Collar Engineering: Motoring Edition

If you have a problem, change your car. That's the advice that these 24 self-employed automotive engineers took when they decided to make some serious modifications to their cars, for good and for bad. (But mostly for bad).

The evolution of the pickup truck from a functional work vehicle to a massive but useless testosterone compensator is a small but representative example of American late-stage capitalism. The 90s and early 2000s version of a Ford Ranger is one of the most useful vehicles ever made, with an easily accessible and spacious truck bed to go along with bullet-proof reliability. But now, as seen in one car mod here, you have people cutting off the top half of their truck bed just so that it's more accessible, and the "lines" of the truck's "figure" look better. Also, he could have done a much better job. 

A different pickup truck modifier featured here is selling his extended cab Ford F-150 on Facebook marketplace for $45k, except when I say extended cab imagine a limo. If you wanted a 7 seater with storage space you might as well have gotten a minivan and a U-Haul.  

See those and 22 other examples of blue-collar motoring engineering.

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