24 Fails and Facepalms From Our Farcical Society

We've reached such a point of bad news over-saturation that we hardly notice it anymore. It takes an entire gallery's worth of facepalm to give you the same kind of shock value and pessimism you used to get from just one bad story. Fortunately, we've assembled exactly that kind of list to help you justify your downtrodden worldview.

White Claw is a drink known for helping people get drunk on a budget and introducing college students to alcohol for the first time. It's also what landed Granny her DUI when she thought it was just normal seltzer water that made her feel extra good. Kind of like Truly. But now grandma can stay behind the wheel and drink her White Claws at the same time, and it's not because there's no laws when you're drinkin' Claws. No, White Claw is introducing its new alcohol-free version, also known as seltzer water. Leave it to drunk college kids to prefer an overpriced brand over Poland Spring just because they make other drinks that get them drunk. 

But that's hardly the most fail-worthy story of the week. For those, check out this gallery of fails and facepalms. 

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