25 Funny Ryanair Tweets to Get You Where You're Going For Cheap

Ryanair is known for two things: cheap flights across Europe, and roasting people on Twitter. When you're a brand that's widely considered trashy, sometimes it's best to embrace your image, rather than trying to convince everybody otherwise. And when you're giving out airplane tickets for as low as 20 bucks a pop, passengers don't have a right to complain. That's what Ryanair thinks, anyway. 

Ryanair's social media team takes no prisoners, and often quickly fires back at public posts aimed at the airline's direction. With little in the way of censorship, the company has one of the most unhinged social media presences of any major corporation; regularly roasting customers, celebrities, professional athletes, and Formula 1 teams in particular. 

Over the years, people have complained about Ryanair's "random seating" arraignment, lack of in-flight entertainment, infamous windowless 11A seats, and stereotypically hard landings. But with a spotless safety record to date, it's hard to make any real complaints about an airline that starts its prices so low. The company's CEO Michael O'Leary is quite the jokester himself and has even quipped about standing-room tickets to save money, and intentional turbulence to spike liquor sales. Here are 25 of Ryanair's best tweets and roasts. 

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