24 Not So Serious Photos From Movie and TV Sets

Films and TV shows are incredibly hard (weird) to make. One day you’re a “normal” actor and the next you're in full Freddy Fazbear cosplay for the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. Since the SAG-AFTRA strike has ended, more and more actors have been posting behind-the-scenes photos from the shows and films that were released during the strike. But some of them don’t quite have the uncanny valley-like mystique that older films achieve in their behind-the-scenes photos.

We’ve compiled some of the oddest behind-the-scenes photos to have you question what on earth is Will Ferrall doing angrily rollerblading. Alongside Ferrell on skates, we have John Cena in the most gorgeous merman wig you’ve ever seen, Hannibal having a smoke, and Garfield in the early 2000s taking a break from set. Usually seeing costume characters you’ve loved as a kid being adults would be very disconcerting but seeing a man pop out of a Princess Peach head is so silly it loses any feeling of discomfort. Then you have Ringo being a guest star on Thomas the Tank Engine.

Scroll down and experience real Hollywood; actors being incredibly goofy. 

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