24 People Online Who Think They're Smart

Are you a big-brain genius with a top 1% IQ of 130+? Well according to one poll posted on Reddit, over 10% of people think they fit that description, with another 35% believing they are of above-average intelligence. If you really are smart, you'll know that means 45% of people think they're well above average intelligence, which means many of them are wrong. Just like asking people if they're above-average drivers, or men if they're better than average at missing the toilet seat, there are some liars here. 

They say to be wise is to know what you don't know, but that means dumber people think they know everything. No place is this more true than online, where everyone has access to all of the same information, but only some people have the brain power to correctly interpret it. 

The "Ackchyually" meme exists for a reason and that's because everyone loves to jump at the opportunity to correct someone they think was wrong online. The thing is, usually the person with that impulse is missing the point entirely. Because at the end of the day, if you feel the need to tell everyone how smart you are all the time, you're probably not, and you're definitely on the receiving end of the joke. 

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