24 People Share the Fastest They’ve Ever Seen a New Coworker Quit

Employment is a two-way street, and prospective employees should do just as much vetting of new companies as hiring managers should do of candidates. But it's inevitable that some employers will hire a dud, and some people will find themselves working someplace they don't want to be. That's what happened to these 24 people, who decided to minimize their lost time and quit on the spot. 

You might think that being a pizza delivery person is a straightforward gig, but not if you have crippling social anxiety. One pizza establishment sent their new hire on her fist delivery, only to call her when she never came back an hour later. It turns out she got so nervous she soiled herself, and promptly handed in her uniform after realizing the job was not for her. The pizza never even got delivered. 

Read about that quick quitter and 23 others in this collection of short-lasting who might as well have stayed home. 

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