24 People Share the Scariest Facts They Know

As human beings, we do a good job of forgetting about all the things that can kill us on a daily basis, and going about our lives instead. But just to remind you of all the scary things out there, we decided to share what the people of Ask Reddit had to say when prompted to share the scariest fact they know. 

The human brain just doesn't have the computational power to understand the scale of the cosmos, and when we think about it things can get pretty terrifying. For example, there's an area of space so devoid of anything, that an astronaut there would have no idea there was anything else in the universe with the naked eye. No stars, no galaxies, no Wawa burgers, nothing. 

Space is also dangerous, as proven by its extermination of the dinosaurs. As recently as the mid-1800s, a solar flare ruined just about every bit of electrical technology on Earth. Fortunately, there wasn't much of it back then, but there's a lot more now. A strong solar flare could completely take out much of the globe's modern infrastructure without warning, and they are relatively common. When might we be due for the next one?

Read about those, and 22 other terrifying facts in this freaky gallery. 

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