24 Pieces of History Being Erased From Existence

They say that history is written by the victors, and that remains true in the present day. But if we want to appreciate the world for how it really used to be, then we have to understand all sides to every story. Here are 24 pieces of history that we are forgetting, or being actively encouraged to forget. 

Everybody knows about the French Revolution during World War II, but they don't always recognize just how small it really was. While the French certainly did not support the German occupation of their country, many more aligned themselves with the Axis powers than you might think. A French unit was even one of the final forces fighting for Germany near the end of the war. Of course, many French Axis soldiers also fought in fear of consequences should they defect. 

Speaking of World War II, people in the West tend to focus on the atrocities in Europe, glossing over Japan's horrendous human rights record in the 1930s, and during the war. Imperialistic invasions across Europe in conjunction with the immoral actions of unit 731 paint a dreadful picture that the modern world would like to forget. 

Of course, history is much more than just the second World War, and if you found those facts interesting consider checking out the 22 others in this gallery of historical facts being erased from existence. 

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