24 Trending Memes and Fresh Pics to Stay Up With

The real world is a meme in and of itself, so let's embrace it and get silly. For example, the multi-billion dollar media corporation that is Disney has proven time and time again in recent years that it is completely incapable of producing decent media. In contrast, Adam Sandler's animated movie LEO is pretty good, and currently outperforming the animated special Disney specifically created to honor their 100th anniversary as a soul-crushing conglomerate. 

Aside from the old classics, Disney's title projects have often lacked direction and care: especially since the introduction of their streaming service Disney+. Having recently purchased perhaps the biggest IP ever in the form of Star Wars, Disney thought that a few space pew pew shows in combination with endless Marvel content would be enough to power the platform. It turns out that, if that content stinks worse than raw sewage, it doesn't matter much that some random old character made a cool cameo for five minutes. 

It's long overdue for Disney to realize that what the people really want is strong storytelling. You know, just like every good piece of media ever. So heck yeah Adam Sandler! Go take down Disney with your animated lizard. 

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