24 Truely Strange and Bizarre Facts From Our Weird World

Just because something is true, doesn't make it believable. But in order to be more informed about the world, and resistant to misinformation, it's important to educate yourself as best you can either way. That's why we've assembled this list of true facts from Ask Reddit that sound unthinkable.

The sheer size of outer space is impossible for the small human mind to comprehend, even within what we can see. Our moon is the largest object in the night sky, and also the closest body to us. At about one-quarter the size of Earth, the moon isn't tiny, but it's not too big either. So how far away is it? Far enough away that you could fit every single other planet in the solar system in between us, with some room to spare. And that includes Jupiter, which is 11 times bigger than Earth. 

Speaking of size, thanks to the speed of light, we can't interpret anything that happens in the universe until the light from that thing gets to us. At eight light seconds away, the Sun could literally explode, and we'd be none the wiser for eight seconds. 

Check out those cool facts, and 21 others that are hard to believe. 

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