24 Wholesome Memes to Kickstart Your Week

The internet can be a cesspool of weird and downright chilling things. But it’s the holiday season and we should all think of the good in our fellow man. It’s the giving season and we here at eBaum’s World want to give you the gift of wholesome memes that you can then regift to your various group chats.

While we aren’t short on animal memes on the internet, every person needs to consume at least 5 animal memes to feel human. In conversations, we always end up talking about the weather. How is that any different than the number of identical conversations we all have about our various pets? We know dogs put things in their mouths and run far away from us. We know cats will lay on top of your laptop while you're working. But we just can’t get enough of talking about it. And we never should!

These wholesome memes are a balm for the hectic and stressful holiday season. During times when you’re tired and don’t know how to keep on, a meme about how cute Goldfish crackers look is just what you need. 

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