23 Wholesome Memes For When You're Feeling Down

If you're feeling down in the dumps, try out this upbeat collection of 24 wholesome memes to cheer you up. We don't know the first thing about therapy, but we do know a little bit about memes, and hopefully, these optimistic jokes can be just the thing to snap you out of your funk.

Among these memes and tweets is the story of Bill Morgan, an Australian man who hit the jackpot. No, literally he hit the jackpot. And then he hit it again. Having originally been revived after being clinically dead for 14 minutes, Bill couldn't believe his luck and decided to test it by going to buy a lottery ticket. With it, he won a $27,000 car. With that story barely believable on his own, the news decided to cover it, and had him go down to the store and purchase another ticket for footage. That ticket netted him a $250,000 jackpot. 

So the next time you're down in the dumps, just remember that the ultimate comeback is always possible. Bill Morgan went from true rock bottom - literally dead - to a quarter milli up with a new whip to boot. How is that for some wholesomeness?

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