25 Absurd Conspiracy Theories That Some People Actually Believe

Everybody has a favorite crazy conspiracy theory. Mine would have to be that all pigeons are actually government drones meant to spy on us. I mean, for how ubiquitous they are in cities, have you ever seen a baby pigeon? Not to mention that seeing hundreds of them gathered atop a single power line is commonplace. That's exactly how the government would mismanage such a surveillance resource! But in all seriousness, just because you like a conspiracy doesn't mean you believe it... except for these space heads. Taking to the AskReddit subreddit, folks shared the wildest conspiracies they've ever heard, and that people really believe. 

Celebrities are the focus of many such theories, but while lizard people and gender transitions are the craziest celeb hypothesis, "doubles" also make the cut. Celebrities with alleged doubles include Lindsay Lohan, Avril Lavigne, and Sir Paul McCartney. Some theorists believe that Paul was actually the first Beatle to pass away in 1966, and was replaced by a double. Seeing as that double would have continued to perform and write numerous iconic songs just like the original, they must have found a pretty impressive impersonator. 

Here is that, and 24 other absurd conspiracy theories that people actually believe. 

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