25 Fresh Graphs That Prove Data is Beautiful

Sometimes it's hard to conceptualize what a bunch of data points really mean. That's why we have graphs, and boy are they beautiful. The people of r/dataisbeautiful think so anyway and pull no punches sharing their favorite charts and figures. This gallery features some of the best work that the group has to offer; hopefully, you're a visual learner. 

From personal curiosities to critical international studies, these graphs cover a wide variety of topics. One guy even tracked the number of Instagram reels his girlfriend sent him per quarter. My own personal reel frequency depends greatly on whether or not I'm in the bathroom. A different graph implies that the Hall of Fame NFL running back Hershel Walker was actually a big hindrance to every team he was on. Coincidence? The harm of overspending money on one star player, and the recent devaluation of the running back position would say no, regardless of his immense talent. 

That's why graphs are so useful; they can show us a visual representation of information we might have been hesitant to acknowledge otherwise. For example, I had no idea how large by percentage the populations of India, China, Pakistan, and a few other countries were. The numbers themselves just don't hit the same. That's why we need these beautiful graphs. 

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