25 Brilliant Examples of Blue-Collar Engineering

Why spend big bucks buying something when a few pieces of string, some duct tape, that board that's been in your basement for eight years, and the junk car off your front lawn together can do the trick? That's the spirit of a true blue-collar engineer; this country is founded on the principles of not needing anyone else's help to fix your problems, and that's exactly what the people in this gallery are all about. 

One person shared a photograph of a fix for their car's exhaust leak: the lid to a can of tuna. When all you need is a piece of metal to plug a hole, and you already have the necessary welding skills, I guess any piece of metal will do the trick. You might as well make yourself a sandwich in the process.

A different engineer didn't even need metal to fix their snowmobile and instead opted for a convenient piece of wood right off the ground. With the complex joints and springs of the vehicle still intact, all they needed was a bar to connect them. A hearty stick does that job just fine.

Check out photos of those fixes, along with plenty more working-class madness in this gallery of genius engineering. 

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