26 Christmas Decoration That Are More Naughty Than Nice

When Santa comes sliding down your chimney this year on December 24th, there's one easy way to avoid ending up with coal in your stocking; make sure your decorations are on point! Unfortunately for these people, they failed the assignment miserably. 

We know that Christmas is still most of the month away, but plenty of people are already head over heels in the spirit. That means they'll be getting their decorations up soon if they haven't already, so we decided to make this gallery to show you what not to do when it comes to giving your space a holiday feel. For one, what is technically a holy holiday can have a great deal of phallic imagery if you're not careful. Specifically, make sure that your tree topper doesn't look like something going up something else, and any collection of reindeer is attached some way other than back to front. Oh, and it's spelled Santa, not Satan. Easy to get those two confused. 

With those simple tips out of the way, hopefully you can decorate tastefully this Christmas, and keep yourself off of Santa's naughty list. Wouldn't want him to get confused about where to put your stocking stuffer now would you?

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