25 Cool Forced Perspectives of Iconic Landmarks

paperboyo is an artist, content creator, and "paper creative" who likes to use his unique talents and lifestyle to add new perspectives to the world around him. As a frequent traveler, he visits iconic landmarks around the world on the regular, but he doesn't see them like the rest of us do. Presumably, paperboyo excels at the Rorschach test, because he can see new shapes and images while looking at those landmarks, and uses his unique talents to create those images with paper. 

This compilation was posted to Twitter by the account Iconic Settings, which highlights "beautiful places in this world," and acts as a "guide for travel, architecture, design, culture and history." 

"Love this! It just goes to show how it's all about perspective," @XWorldView commented. 

Everybody has seen something that they thought looked like something else at least a few times, and it's a treat to see imaginations like those brought to life. They make you reconsider how you look at the world, and how seriously you should take everything. Yeah, the London Bridge really does look like you could play volleyball over it. Check out this awesome collection of cool forced perspectives of iconic landmarks, curtesy of paperboyo and Iconic Landmarks. 

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