25 Cruddy Car Mods From Overzealous Gear Heads

If you're going to take a wrench to your four-wheeled transport, make sure you know what you're doing, and what others are ok with you doing. For example, more than one pickup truck in this gallery has impeccably installed LED wheel well lights, but that doesn't mean a poor family in their Volvo station wagon deserves to be blinded by your obsessive need to be the center of attention. 

Listen, I'm as guilty as the next lonely man for wanting a sick custom ride with my handprints all over it. But I'm also self-aware enough to know that in my current state of being, anything I try and do will look as bad as the cubicle dirt house I just tried to build in Minecraft. So if, for example, I decided that I wanted my pickup truck to have vertical stabilizers like an F-18, I'd realize that it's just not worth doing. But perhaps the worst vehicle out of these 25 comes in the form of a six-wheeled former Jeep, taking up four parking places. What makes you think a gas-guzzling behemoth with even more breakpoints will help you survive your imaginary apocalypse?

Here are 25 cruddy car mods created by the gear-headless.

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