25 Deleted Tweets That Probably Should’ve Stayed In the Drafts

On the internet, you can do and say whatever you want. However, doing and saying whatever you want comes with hefty consequences that posters don’t account for. Users on Twitter have tweeted incredibly incendiary and outrageous things. One Twitter user, prompted others asking “What’s the craziest deleted tweets y'all seen this year?”

The responses range from extremely unpopular opinions, thoughts that belong in a journal and not on the World Wide Web, and brave statements that the poster was not brave enough to stand behind. Truly some Tweeters just like to say out-of-pocket things cause they can but forget that the internet remembers and the internet preserves the weird tweets like it’s a tomb in an ancient library.

Have you ever gotten mad at a player while watching the big game and tweeted something so ignorant it’ll make the NAACP gasp? It's been screenshotted and preserved for all eternity. Asked a dumb sexual question on the internet? Well, one of your followers screenshotted that and you will have to contend with that embarrassment in the groupchat for years to come. Have you simply said too much? Instead of writing it in a journal you have now supplied Twitter with a new meme.

Scroll down and witness these fools who should’ve kept these thoughts in the drafts (and some who should have stood behind their opinion).

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