21 Delightfully Weird Things For Sale on Facebook Marketplace

It’s the holiday season and the recession has made money tight for many Americans. But don’t fear! Facebook Marketplace is the place for you to get gifts for your loved ones on the cheap. And the best part is they’ll be the most creative gifts ever. Got a nephew? He’ll love these roaches with Spiderman painted on the back! 

Facebook Marketplace is a trove and part-time registry for all the weirdos in your vicinity and their creations. Oh, the guy who lives three streets over is selling the mice replicas of Pulp Fiction? Now you know you have a creative genius with great taste in film nearby! Anything and everything is being sold on Facebook Marketplace from a crucifix longboard to McDonald's arches-shaped bare knuckles. Once you get down to it, you'll wonder why these people had these things in the first place. 

So if you want to win the holidays this year, give your friends and family some of the rarest gifts known to man. They’ll be bragging to their friends that they have a one-of-one cast molding of David Duchovny. 

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