25 Dudes Posting Their Wholesome Wins

Sometimes we need to celebrate the dudes doing it right, and that's exactly what these pics are for. In a world with so much negativity flying around, it feels good to push up the people doing good, instead of continually pulling each other down. 

The @DudespostingWs Twitter account is all about promoting guys trying their best and doing things the right way. It's no secret that men get themselves in trouble by doing all sorts of dumb things, but without positive examples to look up to, we can't hope to improve future generations of men. Even people without adequate role models need someone to look to for inspiration, and that's why it's so important to highlight these dudes and their dubs.

This gallery shows numerous dads taking care of their families in creative ways, as well as loving their pets. Animal kindness directly translates into treating other people well, and a guy installing his front door in a special way to help his dog's quality of life is definitely a dub. Guys might not always do things the traditional way, but creativity more than makes up for it. Here are some guys, and their wins!

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