25 Funny and Crazy Comments and Comebacks

Few places capture the range of intelligence the internet has to offer like a comments section and these cursed comebacks are perfect examples of online chaos. 

One important rule of the internet is to remember that everyone is a child. The odds that you're arguing with a 13-year-old sitting on the top of his bunk bed underneath a Jake Paul poster, are higher than him being the "health care expert" you think you're talking to. And he gets his medical information from first aid scenes in The Avengers. As a result, comments can alternate between clever, insightful, and witty banter, to the flat-out stupidest thing you've ever read. At their best, they're all three. 

As I'm sure you know, TikTok is chock full of young people, and its comment sections show it. Just from examples in this gallery, TikTok kids have no idea who Rosa Parks or Jimmy Carter are. They also use sources like "a dream I had," to justify their opinions. But while TikTok keeps it clean, Reddit offers no such restrictions. If you want to see some ridiculous and raunchy comments, check out these 25 funny and crazy comebacks. 

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