25 Funny Examples of People With Terrible Taste But Great Execution

Just because something shouldn't have been done, doesn't mean it can't be done well. Classic bad tattoos or awful bumper stickers typically double down on the fallacy of concept and incompetence of craftsmanship. Likewise, people with good ideas usually make sure that their proposals are brought to life with care. But from tattoos to fashion choices, these 25 awful concepts turned out as good as they possibly could have. 

Take a jagged red staircase, built without a railing. The goal was certainly to create an intimidating staircase, made to imitate the feeling of rock climbing instead of ascending to a new floor of a home. Transparent steps illuminated with a red glow also elicit themes of danger and past disasters. But it's a dang staircase! Nobody wants to trip and injure themselves for the sake of self-created peril. Great construction job, horrible idea. 

The footbed frame is also a questionable household addition. The yellowish-beige color and massive big toe certainly make you feel like you're looking at a foot instead of a bed... and that's gross. 

It's a shame that these 25 things wasted such great craftsmanship on such awful items. What a misuse of man-power. At the very least somebody got paid. 

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