25 Modern Names From r/tragedeigh to Make Your Brain Hurt

Aneurysm would make a great name for a girl!

Naming children is hard, you’re simultaneously trying to set the kid up for future success while also being true to your creativity. Well, now parents are getting a little too creative. Not every name requires presence from all the vowels. The subreddit r/Tragedeigh is the perfect place for people to come together and roast the heck out of parents who give their poor children the worst name ever. The names don’t just affect the child but teachers everywhere who have to call roll and memorize these idiotic names.

One woman on TikTok was defending her choice of naming her daughter Clydia. What happened to just Lydia? It was a good name already. This mother has guaranteed that her daughter is going to get bullied her whole life.   

How can a mother say,  “Come down to breakfast, Clydia!” with a straight face? There is another phenomenon of names ironically affecting your future. There’s a teen named Cage who was just sentenced to serve time in prison. A kid signed up for dance classes named Floor. So I guess we shouldn’t expect a prima ballerina out of them.

Scroll down and have an aneurysm out how these names are spelled. 

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