25 Parenting Tweets From Tired Souls Who Just Need Five Minutes of Peace and Quiet

Hope you had a great weekend having to entertain your children and keep up with house chores! Now as a way to soothe the stressful pain from that ordeal, we have gathered parenting memes and tweets while the kiddos are at school.

The saga of the mom who used pieing her husband as a swim meet motivation continues as she and her daughter figure out ways to up the ante. As the holiday approaches more and more parents are sharing online their stances on teaching their kids about Santa. We preach to kids that lying is wrong and then we make up an old jolly man riding through the sky with presents for every child in the world. It’s a complicated issue but many parents have tweeted their humorous point of view on the guy from the North Pole.

As it gets colder it also gets even harder to make sure your kids keep their coats on. Somehow teens are the hardest to keep warm. But do they need a jacket? Or will the raging hormones and distaste for the world be enough to warm them through the winter?

Whether you're drowning with rambunctious toddlers or tip-toeing around grouchy teens all day, these memes understand your dilemmas and they find the humor in all of them. Scroll down and catch some parental laughs. 

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