25 People Share a Time They Messed Around, and Found Out

As a man with glasses and a whiteboard so brilliantly explained to the world many years ago, the more you mess around, the more you find out. It's a y=x linear scale, with actions on one end and consequences on the other. But despite this very simple relationship, people all around the world still mess around, expecting not to find out. These 25 people owned up to their mistakes, and took to Ask Reddit to share the times they messed around, and what exactly they found out. 

One person described their decision to eat old chicken from their refrigerator, despite an odd smell. "I was late for work and starving," they said. "It was organic and I had roasted it myself, so I thought it must be fine." They learned that bad chicken can be worse than just the taste, and spent the next 48 hours so messed up they couldn't even take themselves to the hospital. One chicken is not worth a black eye from repeated fainting. 

Another dude shared his own bad food decision, challenging his friend to go "spicy wing for spicy wing" with him. "I spent the rest of my night regretting my decision in the bathroom," he said. Here are 25 lessons people found out, after messing around. 

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