25 People Share the Moment They Realized They Were Dating a Total Yo-yo

Not all couples are compatible in relationships; it's why finding that perfect someone is so challenging, and trial and error centric. But the reasons for relationship disconnect vary, from different levels of extroversion, to different styles of conflict resolution. But sometimes things are much more simple: the person is just a big flat old dummy. 

Many relationship dummies do things like cheat and lie, but that's not what we're talking about here. This gallery includes 25 people who were just too stupid to be on the same level as their partners, and the moment those partners figured it out.

For example, one person here recalls the moment their ex claimed that they didn't need to drink any water that day, because they'd already taken a shower. That's right, a grown adult actually believed that humans could absorb water through their skin, or some sort of osmosis. Another man also had some issues understanding liquids, when the time came to empty some mouthwash in the TSA line. He "took the lid off and poured the mouthwash directly into the bag," his now ex-wife wrote. "I just stared at him thinking, who the [heck] have I married?"

Read about them, and 23 other relationship dummies in this funny gallery. 

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