25 People Share The Strangest Fact They Know

Even for the trivia buffs, these are some truly obscure facts that you probably haven't heard before. 

Everyone likes to impress their friends with a surprising bit of information. Do it too much and you might be labeled as an annoying know-it-all, but a well-placed factoid at the right time can make you look smart in front of the right people. From animals to history to life hacks, here are 25 cool facts that some people know, but others don't.

Have you ever needed to call the bank for something urgent, only to find yourself talking to a robot; desperately trying to get past the automated wall of incompetency and into contact with another human? Well, apparently you can skip it all for Wells Fargo by dropping an audible f- bomb right when you call. I guess they want their angriest customers to get the best service. Poor call center workers would probably prefer it the other way around. In a similar vein, saying the word "manager" like a Karen while calling the Apple Store will quickly get you switched from a call center to the store directly. But don't let the Karens know that! 

Check out those, and 23 other fun facts that most people don't know. 

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