Ex-Employees Share What Caused Everyone to Quit Their Jobs at Once

Sometimes getting back at a bad boss is a group effort, and these people shared the best times a whole workforce got together to get out.

Whenever you're in a toxic work environment, it can feel like you're in an inescapable world, trapped by the workings of a dysfunctional company. You might feel like you want to get revenge on your superiors within the workings of the system, but it takes a mature person to realize that the best thing you can do for yourself and for revenge is to leave; especially when you bring all of the company's best people with you. That's exactly what these folks did.

What bad managers fail to understand, is that you don't need them; they need you, and the consequences of their bad actions are losing you. Be it a fast food chain, supermarket, movie theater, IT company, financial institution, or more in this gallery, these employees proved that any industry can fall victim to a bad boss mass-exodus. Maybe when an entire team leaves at once, it's not because nobody wants to work, but because the manager doesn't want to work properly. 

Here are the stories of former employees who got the ultimate bad boss revenge: leaving together. 

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