25 People Share What They Wasted Their Money On

Just like youth is wasted on the young, wisdom is wasted on the old; very often financial wisdom. It's hard to think logically and long term when it comes to financial planning, and these people decided to share the things they spent their money on in their younger days that still make them sick. Although it's hard knowing a few bad decisions ruined potentially life-changing money, let's learn from these bad decisions, and not let them go to waste.

So many responses dealt with shopping in some way. Buying some new clothes for yourself can be a nice treat when needed or properly earned. But doing so in an attempt to change your image or achieve a wishful persona never ends up working. "So many clothes for the body and the life I wished I had," the top response reads, "rather than the body and the life I really have." Speaking from experience, even if you plan to drop a size over the next few months, buy the pants that fit right now. If you really do drop the size, you can reward yourself with the new pants. 

But these people made more bad financial decisions than just clothes. Read about those in this gallery of 25 people revealing the financial decisions that still make them sick. 

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