25 People Who Completely Missed the Joke

Being terminally online is a disease that rears its head in many ways, namely rendering you completely socially inept. But while that usually refers to real life interactions, the cluelessness can also manifest itself online. Take these 25 examples of people completely missing the joke as evidence, and the fact that there is a tradition of writing /s at the end of any sarcastic comment you make online - just to help those clueless Redditors know you're not being serious.

It's also important to remember that anybody you encounter online has a much higher rate of being 13 years old than you'd like to think. Most adults are actually functional, unlike us, and as a result spend the majority of their time attending to their real adult responsibilities; not sitting in bed with a laptop caked in Cheetos dust lying on their beer gut. No, the people who do that are the juveniles without any life responsibilities yet. That's right, the person you just spent an hour arguing with over the 2nd Iraq invasion wasn't even alive when it happened, and derives all of their political knowledge from their libertarian uncle and conspiracy theory subreddits. 

Maybe it's not fair to expect them to understand our jokes on the internet, but that doesn't mean we can't make them the subject too, and laugh at their social ineptitude from the comfort of our basement. 

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