25 Posts and Memes That Represent Our Souls

What are memes but jokes to represent how we really feel on the inside? The r/me_irl subreddit is all about relatable memes, and posts that everyone can understand on some level. So here are 25 of those to help you feel less alone. 

The current state of the economy, especially in regards to the price of living for young people, is a sore subject for millennials and Gen Z. As a result it's heavily represented here, like in one meme that begs the housing market to crash. Another image shows a ring that has broken apart like it's supposedly designed to do after "negative energy" becomes part of a relationship. "I need to start selling poor quality products and marketing them like this," the tweet says. If that doesn't represent the current state of retail I don't know what does. 

As for the current state of retirement, you can look to the couple who booked themselves 51 straight weeks of cruises in lieu of a pricier retirement home. "Who knows if we'll be alive in a year anyway honey." For those and other memes that represent us in real life, check out this relatable gallery. 

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