21 Fun Randoms to Kickstart Your Day

See the world from the comfort of your toilet seat with this collection of fascinating photos.

Traveling is expensive these days. Train tickets, gas, and plane tickets are all quite a bit to stomach. And international flights? Well, now you're looking at a couple bands both ways. So unless you want to be that person who never left their hometown, you're going to have to fork up some cash. 

Fortunately, we live in the age of the internet, which is a beautiful tool that allows us to see more from the comfort of our own homes than even an avid traveler with money might be able to see in their lifetime. National landmarks, beautiful landscapes, military photos, historical pictures, and more are all available for the price of a click. Take a photo of the British version of Air Force One refueling trailing fighter jets from the air. 

So are a bunch of random pics and photos better than traveling the world? No of course they're not, that would be ridiculous. But they're free! And that's worth more than any bit of traveling you could do. 

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