25 Times Today Was Not These People’s Day

We've all been there; a bad day at work, a tough argument at home, some bad news from afar, and now your taquitos from the Mexican takeout restaurant are mixed up with somebody's veggie taco. All it takes is one more little thing to break the camel's back, and for you to start pulling the hair out of your balding head; (it won't come back). These 25 people shared the little – or not so-little – things that turned their days from bad to worse.

Trying to sleep on a redeye flight is like trying not to make noise while coming home intoxicated at 4 am. They're just not things that go together naturally. In theory, overnight flights sound good, maximizing time spent in both places. But in reality, the hard seat-back, cramped legroom, and stomach-churning turbulence is enough to keep anyone from catching a z. And then the woman next to you turns on her flickering strobe light computer charger. What is it about flying on airplanes that brings out the absolute worst in people? Do you have no self-awareness, or compassion for people around you?

Unfortunately, not every day can be sunshine and roses, but hopefully, the misfortune of these 25 people can brighten yours. 

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