25 Funny Tweets From the Weekend to Cure Your Monday Blues

The wild weekend is behind us and if you were not glued to your screens you missed some absolutely wild and hilarious tweets. No fear, we’re here to encourage the most chronic online addiction and we have all the funniest tweets ready for your consumption.

Whoever is the head of the weather beat over at Metro UK had a repressed weekend as they decided to post some racy tweets concerning England’s “wet” weather. I guess that’s one way to get the younger generation involved in the news. 

The AT&T outage from last week brought a lot of problems for users. One Twitter user showed how their ex used a fake auto text from AT&T to beg to be unblocked. In pop culture news, Glen Powell has been so utterly roasted by the internet that we may never see his big capybara-esque smile again on red carpets.

Scroll down and get the Twitter insanity all wrapped up in a neat little package for you to have your giggles. Go and enjoy the Jason Kelce's dog and the vape pan flute!

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