25 Weekend Randoms to Help You Fight the Sunday Scaries

It's Sunday, which means you're probably scared about work tomorrow. Here are some pics memes and tweets to help you deal with that. Everybody gets anxious about going back to work, but I'm here to tell you that it never turns out as badly as you think it will. Well, except when it does. 

Why do we celebrate Fridays, but hate Sundays? If you think about it, Friday is a work day just like any other, whereas Sunday is a free day all to yourself. The only difference is having to wake up early the next day, but unless you're planning on getting sloshed the second work gets out - not that I blame you if you do - the majority of Sunday is objectively better. 

Of course, the answer lies in anticipation. In any given moment, we're just as happy or not happy as we are in any other; whether we're in the office or lying on the beach. The difference is in our anticipation of what comes next. Physically being at work typically isn't as bad as we anticipate, but the beach also isn't as fun; we as humans just like to generalize emotions. So let these randoms help you enjoy this Sunday like you should, without thinking about tomorrow. After all, it's objectively better than Friday. 

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