25 Weird Pics to Make You Go Crossed-Eyed

What's better than a carefully curated collection of high-quality photos from the finest photographers? A random assortment of weird pics to make you go cross-eyed. Sure this gallery isn't the most formal or well thought out, but that's not why you clicked on it. You came here to be entertained, and nothing does that better than a bunch of wild images with no context required. Why think, when you can chuckle and keep clicking?

For example, one photo here shows someone in what appears to be an Arthur Morgan cosplay buying a PlayStation and "Red Dead Redemption 2." I'd love to know whether that man is a big fan of the series, a paid promotional actor, or just somebody who decided to try out the look. But we'll never know, and honestly, the answer probably isn't that interesting anyway. 

How about the woman drinking a 2-liter soda and eating from a garbage bag of popcorn by herself in a movie theater? Is she the world's saddest or happiest person? I think it's more fun to infer the answer. 

If you want to see cool photos with a complete backstory included, you can check out this gallery here. But if not, have a click through these 25 weird pics that will keep you entertained. 

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