26 Hilarious Instances of Social Media Fails, Flops, and Flounders

While social media is a great way to stay connected with people far away from you, it's also a great way for crazy people you'd never normally meet to come in contact with you. 

While in the past most of these people were stuck in their small towns without much connection or influence, now they have the same online array of platforms that everybody else does, and quite a mind to speak their thoughts. And unless you want to block them, you're going to have to listen. In this gallery, one man proclaims himself an incel as part of a happy 33rd birthday post to himself. Another guy gets berated in response to his Facebook ad, and a third woman asks about some nefarious deeds she's doing with her dog. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Social media also exposes the epidemic of people with no clue how to date, as those unable to socialize in real life are left posting desperate messages for all to see, and none to positively respond to. Unfortunately they then often blame other people for their lack of a lively love life. 

But while these posts are disheartening in regard to the state of modern society, they're also funny as heck. So here are 27 completely cringeworthy social media fails. 

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