26 History Memes Your Professor Didn't Show You

Memes are meant to be humorous and relatable, but they can be informative too. And if you're a history buff, then these funny history memes that your professor didn't show you can be all three at once. 

For example, how much did you learn about the history of Hawaii in school? If you're like me then not much, and other than the bombing of Pearl Harbor I'm sure most people would struggle to tell you a single thing about the island's history. But one meme in this gallery touches on the Hawaiian "Committee of Safety," established in 1887. Made up mostly of Americans in Hawaii, the group's main goal was the annexation of Hawaii by the United States. The committee held a minority representation as independents in the Hawaiian government and created a secret subset of itself called the Hawaiian League to more radically pursue its goals. Despite being called the "Safety" Committee the group had little to do with safety and instead took control of 200 riflemen. 

When Hawaiian Queen Liliʻuokalani tried to rewrite Hawaii's constitution and take power away from the dominant Euro-American businessmen in control, the committee acted and overthrew the government in 1893. Except, U.S. President Grover Cleveland didn't care, and chose not to do anything about Hawaii until 1898. 

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