26 Knockoffs No One is Falling For

No matter what your dad tells you in the supermarket aisle, you know in your heart that real Frosted Flakes are far superior to whatever the "sugared cornflakes" off-brand can come up with. They might cost an extra $1.89, but boy is it worth it when you take that first crunchy bite. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the way you do, and plenty of people are always searching for a cheaper alternative, even at the expense of quality. (That or they just can't tell the difference.) The result is shameless knockoffs that don't get the job done. Here are 26 of them that are so bad, they aren't fooling anyone. 

Designer brands are some of the most common knockoffs, and people make a killing selling droves of fake Gucci bags and Balenciaga shoes on the street. Supreme isn't exactly a brand like those, but it is a desirable logo for people looking for some street cred from their friends. But while one bag here looks like it might say Supreme, it actually says what whoever bought it must be feeling: Sur-prise. 

Check out that shameless knockoff, and plenty of other examples of fake food, clothes, cars, games, and much more in this gallery of off-brand goods. 

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