26 Little-Known Hidden Features on Everyday Devices

A lot of things are much more useful than you think they are... if you know how to use them. I'd bet you didn't know that a lot of these everyday devices have some special features, so why don't you click through this list and see if you can't gain a helpful tip to make your life easier in the future?

Rubbing alcohol is typically used for small cleaning projects, but it has many more applications. It works as a car window cleaner, car windshield wiper cleaner, and metal stain remover. The smell can even help quell nausea and panic attacks. But perhaps its most useful application is as a deadly insect poison. "Pour it into a spray bottle and go on a spree in a well-ventilated area," one person wrote. "Or if you're especially bored, a poorly ventilated area," another person added. 

Speaking of cleaning products, have you ever had trouble fitting everything you need into the dishwasher? Most dishwashers are much more customizable than you might think, and many have the ability to adjust layers up and down in height to help you accommodate taller items. Your silverware doesn't need all that space. Check out those tips and more in this helpful gallery of hidden features. 

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