24 of the Funniest Headlines of the Week

So much news and so little time to consume all of it. Don’t worry about that dear reader. We have just the thing to make you feel like you are well-informed about the weirdest things going on in the world. A compilation of the oddest headlines written this week. Finally, you have a great thing to bring up at parties over the weekend. Or you could send these images to the groupchat for endless laughs.

There was too much animal news to catch up on. We have a carblocking seal, wandering emus, feral hogs, and sad goats galore. Sailors are trying to combat orcas by playing metal music (not realizing that orcas are the most metal sea animal).

George Santos has hit the pinnacle of his lies as he’s allegedly spent his campaign funds on OF subscriptions and Botox. One American woman learned that Alaska was in fact not an island and is trying to do something about it. Finally, there are Meat Bandits in Philadelphia. 

Finish off the weekend by educating yourself on the weirdest story headlines of the week. You’ll be the most informed.

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