25 Photos That Proves Many Major Cities Are Mostly Parking Lots

Everyone always complains that much of the United States is an asphalt-covered wasteland, devoid of personality and any location you don't need a car to get to. While yes, better public transportation, more efficient housing developments, and more emphasis on the pedestrian is important, a huge part of the problem is the sheer amount of space taken up by parking lots. And there still never feels like enough parking. 

Parking Reform Network created over 100 maps that measure the percentage of central city space taken up by parking across urban areas in the United States. In what should be a city's densest and most culturally rich area, many American cities waste precious real estate to parking lots. Note the stark contrast between old East Coast cities like New York and Boston, compared to those created after cars became more common. 

Parking Reform Network used their data to assemble a "Parking Score," estimating how well the city used its space compared to similarly sized and populated urban areas. Here are 26 of those cities, and their scores. 

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