26 Groan-Worthy Puns and Jokes That Only Dads Could Make

Are dad jokes funny? That depends on your sense of humor, but if you like memes then these image-based banters are worth checking out.

What is a meme if not a fancy dad joke with an image attached? Memes thrive off of simple relatable jokes, with a small subversion of expectation, just like a high-quality pun or wisecrack. We're happy to let dads lighten the mood with their jokes, why not put a few of those in cartoon form?

A joke saying that "mountains aren't just funny, they're hill-areas," doesn't hit the same without a nice picture of some hilly peaks. And a joke relating the last move of a chess game to Australians asking for the bill at a restaurant is served much better by the punchline coming in visual form, rather than some convoluted "check mate." 

The dad joke theme of these memes and cartoons is fittingly maintained by the use of Star Trek The Next Generation meme formats. What better way for your dad to express himself through memes, than with the show he grew up watching and the ship captain he grew up idolizing? If you don't like puns I understand. But I know you like memes, so why not give these a shot?

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