26 Simple But Incredibly Effective Life Hacks

It doesn't take much effort to make lasting changes in your life. These tricks aren't hard to pull off, but they can make a massive difference in the right situation. 

Are you someone who loses things regularly? Maybe it's your car keys, your house keys, or your phone. If that's the case, then one tip here is for you. Some of us are "leavers," and some of us are "placers." I'm certainly guilty of walking into the house and leaving my things wherever I can dispose of them first. But if you want to stop losing things, you have to intentionally place them. Decide on locations for your important items, or at the very least think specifically about why you're putting your things where you are, and you'll be much more likely to know where you put them in the future. And if you can't, you'll probably be able to think of a good place to look. 

Life is impossible to get through without tough situations, but armed with the right tips and tricks you can do much better for yourself. Here are 26 simple life hacks that don't take much effort on your part, but might pay dividends later. 

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