27 Companies With Way Higher Quality Standards Than You Might Think

Just because something is a name brand item doesn't mean it's a good product, and just because something isn't doesn't mean it isn't. Unlike all of the Temu like garbage out there, plenty of companies do hold themselves to high standards, and produce products with incredibly high levels of quality control. Here are 27 companies with higher quality standards than you might think. 

Two companies mentioned here, Rolls Royce and Toyota, make sense. One makes airplane engines and the world's most luxurious automobiles, while the other makes the junker your grandmother hasn't had to turn in since 1984. But while those companies are pioneers when it comes to quality control, you might be surprised to learn that they're still beat out by some chocolate bars. Yep that's right, Mars has some of the world's most strict quality control, with a "blank check" dedicated to making sure "recall" and "Mars" never end up in the same headline according to one former employee in their pet food department. I guess all the money they saved by using child labor had to go towards something. 

Speaking of pet products, Kong dog toys use some of the most refined rubber in the world, and have repeatedly been used for more advanced projects. If your dog can't tear it apart, I guess air and space can't either. 

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