27 Out-of-Touch Posts From People On LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a helpful job-searching tool, but as with every social media platform these days it is also overrun with influencers. Instead of glorifying traveling, vacations and beach bods, these workaholics brag about hirings, firings and losing sleep for the bottom line. 

Last weekend a video surfaced from inside the Senate committee chambers showing a staffer engaged in explicit nefarious activities with one of his coworkers. Filmed for that singular fans website you might have heard of, it was quite the government scandal. But not to worry, because he immediately took to his LinkedIn page to do a bit of damage control. And low and behold, he's being blamed "to pursue a political agenda."

"While some of my actions in the past have shown poor judgment, I love my job and would never disrespect my workplace," he wrote. Now I'm all for doing a little bit of hokey pokey wherever and whenever your heart desires, but saying that you also respect your place of work at the same time seems like a stretch. Especially when that place is quite really one of the least respectable places ever. If you want to see his post, and 26 other funny LinkedIn messages, check out these cringe posts from LinkedIn loonies. 

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