27 Dudes Happily Posting Their Wholesome Dubs

Take a look at a bunch of guys being dudes in the best way. 

Despite what a lot of people might lead you to believe, there is a difference between toxic masculinity, and good old-fashioned guys being dudes in the best way. The Dudes Posting Their Dubs Twitter page does a great job of highlighting guys winning at life; both in the most simple, and most outlandish ways. 

If a struggling dude finally saves up enough money to get his own little place, no matter how unfurnished it looks, that's a dub. If a dude decides to lose some weight and create a healthier lifestyle so that he can spend more time with his kids and succeeds at doing so, that's a dub. And if a grandpa just wants to have one last beer with all of his sons on his deathbed, well then that's a dub of a life well lived. There's no judgment here, just a bunch of men supporting each other's good decisions. 

Men get a lot of hate these days, and we'd be ignorant if we didn't acknowledge that the majority of it is warranted. But the way we break the cycle is by supporting those dudes doing things the right way, and that's exactly what this bunch is doing. So we posted their dubs.

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